WhatsApp Commerce

WhatsApp Commerce

Automate and Simplify Your Order Taking Process



3 simple steps for you to sell on WhatsApp and social media effortlessly





5 reasons to use WhatsApp Commerce




Automate Your Order Taking Process

All the orders made by the customers via WhatsApp Order Form will appear in your store’s order tab. Hence, making it much easier for you to process their orders.



Speed up Customer’s Checkout Process

Bypass the “add to cart” process and direct customers to the checkout section instantly to help secure your sales and improve your conversion rate.



Flexibility to Create Your Order Form

You can create different order forms based on product categories, making it easier for you to send over the payment link.



Improve Inventory Accuracy

When a customer places an order, it will auto-deduct your inventory to prevent overselling.



Save Time from Payment Verification

No more manual verification of customer payment. The order status will be marked as paid if the payment is made via payment gateway.