Facebook Advertising Learning Course

Wish to start and promote your business through Facebook, but only know to press Boost Post button?

Lots of Likes on Facebook, but no Sales?


Wonder why even though you post products and updates on your Facebook fanpage everyday, trying to engage with your fans as much as you can, but yet there’s not much sales and leads coming in?

Some of you might even experienced situations like having lots of likes, but there’s no sales whatsoever.

But this is not the time to give up on Facebook – The online community with over millions of potential customers.

If you’ve been running Facebook Ads but NOT getting any response, it might be best if you stop now, and seek help from our 1 to 1 Facebook Advertising Learning Course!


In this one day 1 to 1 Learning Course, you are able to learn and mastered the skills:

Understand Facebook terms definition and as a marketing platform Learn how to build up an attractive Facebook fan page, including banner design, what information should be posted. Learn how to use an easy graphic tools to create an attractive graphic or image Learn how to write an attractive copywrting for information post and advertisement
Explore Facebook audience database and find your customer characteristic Create Facebook advertisement, including detail targeting, placement and budget setting Facebook advertising result analysis and customization Setup retargeting using customs audience and lookalike audience.



Who should attend this 1 to 1 course?

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Facebook Sellers

Business Owners



This is a beginner/intermediate level training on Facebook advertising You’ve spent some money on Facebook ads, looking to get serious ROI from it. You’re looking to move your ads budget from other platforms to Facebook. You’re starting an online business, or planning to move your business online.


You just want to know how to grow business online using Facebook ads.

Some of you may be sellers in eMarketplaces but if you haven’t utilize Facebook Advertising for your business, then this training is a must for you to attend!

Be surprised when you realize how easy it is to drive sales after understanding Facebook Advertising tools.