Shopify Sync

Shopify Sync

Sync your Shopify products to sell on Lazada and Shopee easily



3 simple steps to sell on Shopee & Lazada




How does it work?




5 benefits of using Shopify Sync




Automated product migration from Shopify store

No more manually adding your products. Integrate your Shopify store with VK Tech ERP and your products will be able to automatically migrate into VK Tech ERP store.



Automated inventory management

Isn’t it a hassle to manually update your inventory and prevent overselling in various marketplaces? Easily keep your Shopify product inventory in check alongside other marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada. When a customer places an order, the inventory will be deducted automatically.



One product catalog for multiple marketplaces

Have some products in Shopify which you’ll like to sell on Shopee and Lazada? Well, you no longer need to list them one-by-one in the other marketplaces. Utilize the Shopify sync to store the product details in VK Tech ERP and sync them over to Shopee or Lazada with just a few simple steps!



Centralized platform with flexible pricing setting

It allows you to easily update and set different pricing for the products through VK Tech ERP without having to manually adjust it in the marketplace seller center.



Create product listing in Shopify store easily for marketplace seller

Interested to have a Shopify store? Just sync your Lazada or Shopee products listing from VK Tech ERP to your Shopify store. In this way, you don’t have to create your Shopify product listing from scratch.